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Acapulco, Mexico!

Seattle SEA - Acapulco ACA $$$: $580 Duration: 11h 55m, 1 stop @Houston IAH (5h 20m) Time: 12:25am – 2:20pm Airline: United Distance travelled: 4,927.4 km

sunny 30 °C

August 9th
I am currently in Acapulco, Mexico! During my visit here, I will be staying at Emporio Acapulco. It is a beautiful 5-star hotel with beach access and only US$84 a night. Today, I went to the beach for a while and went swimming in the ocean and tanned for a bit. I then went to go watch cliff divers at La Quebrada! The entrée fee was only US$3.50 and included a bottled drink. Watching the four men jump off the cliffs is very scary! The cliffs are 136ft. and they plunge into the water that is only about 9½ft. deep, it’s crazy. Not only do they dive, but they also do flips and spins as well. One guy did flips with flaming torches all the way to the sea. I thought that diving itself was impressive until I saw this. It is a must see if you’re ever in Acapulco.

1400px-Flag_of_Mexico.svg.png Flag of Mexico

2631759-Hotel-Emporio-Acapulco-Pool-1-DEF.jpg Emporio Acapulco hotel

1157202232.jpg the beach

La-Quebrada-Cliff-Acapulco-night-diving-with-torches-in-hand.jpg La Quebrada cliff divers

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Final Day in Acapulco

semi-overcast 29 °C

August 10th
This is my last day in Acapulco before I am on my way to Bogota. My flight is around 4pm, so I decided that for the remaining time that I am here I will be going to the Shotover Jets. I have had friends who have gone and they've all told me great things about it. It is a thrilling high speed boat that goes through mangroves and the lagoon where many movies have been filmed there and they do 360 spins. There is a chance that I will be able to see iguanas, crocodiles, aquatic birds and many other species of wildlife. Annnnnnd of course I will be going to La Casa de la Pasta where I will be having PIzza, before I leave for my flight to my second continent!

img_DSCF000nj2.JPG Shotover Jet

filename-dscn0455-jpg.jpg La Casa de la Pasta

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First Day in Bogota, Colombia

Acapulco ACA - Bogota BOG $$$: $677 Duration: 7h 12m, 1 stop @Mexico City MEX (1h 41m) Time: 4:06pm – 11:58pm Airline: Aeromexico Distance travelled: 3,097 km

sunny 17 °C

August 11th
I arrived late last night at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia. I took a taxi for US$4 to my hotel Andes Plaza that is $64 a night. It is beautiful and I have a great view out my window. My first day in Bogota, I decided to visit La Candelaria – downtown, Bogota. It is a colourful, colonial neighbourhood that is near the old town centre. It was a great way to spend the day, I found some pictorial spots and small shops where I saw and bought some handmade crafts. It is a very beautiful city with very beautiful people. Such a great community.

Colombia_flag.gif Flag of Colombia

Aeropuerto_Internacional_El_Dorado.jpg El Dorado airport

fachada_g.jpg Andes Plaza

Bogota-Photo-La-Candelaria-2-980x736.jpg La Candelaria

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Last Day in Bogota

sunny 17 °C

August 12th
Today was my last day in Bogota. I visited two museums; first, Museo del Oro and second, Botero Museum. Museo del Oro (Museum of Gold) is the city’s most popular museum and only cost me $1.70 to get in. It contains more than 55,000 pieces of gold and other material from the Musica tribes that inhabited the area prior to the Spanish conquest. It has three floors with descriptions in Spanish and English. The second floor was my favourite! It breaks down findings by region with descriptions of how each piece was used. There were lots of mixed animals I gold, it was very cool. The third floor mostly explained how gold was used in rituals, etc. The second museum I went to was Botero Museum for free which is unbelievable for all the amazing artwork you get to see! It is small, but a very high quality museum. Botero’s work is remarkable and gives you a good laugh, he has a very unique view on humans and their behaviour; definitely a must see if you’re in Bogota! After visiting both museums, I went and got myself pizza from Jeno’s pizza, it was delicious.

IMG_7486a.JPG Museo del Oro

museoBotero_manzanaSur.jpg Botero Museum

Botero Museum.jpg some of Boteros work

28136966a7df4a398f2e8c8c3ffafbc6.jpg Jeno's Pizza

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Quito, Ecuador

Bogota BOG – Quito UIO $$$: $75 Duration: 24h Time: 9:00pm – 9:00pm(next day) Form of tranportation: Bus Distance travelled: 1,043 km

sunny 19 °C

August 13th
It is currently 10pm in Quito, Ecuador, I arrived at my hotel about an hour or so ago. I left Bogota last night at 9pm, so it was a 24hr bus ride. I’m so thankful the person next to me was around my age, so we had lots to talk about and it kept me entertained. He was a student from Lima, Peru (ironic, since it’s my next destination) he was visiting his girlfriend in Bogota. He was a very nice guy and never bothered me when I was sleeping, haha.
The hotel I’m staying at in Quito is Café Cultura for a deal of $71 a night, it is extremely beautiful and has many great amenities. I’m going to get some sleep now, so I can start my day in Quito tomorrow! I’m very excited to explore this stunning city.

ec1.gif Flag of Ecuador

Ecuador Quito 02-10 Cafe Cultura.jpg Cafe Cultura

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