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First Day in Quito

sunny 18 °C

August 14th
Today was my first official day in Quito. I visited the Old Town, it was built centuries ago by indigenous artisans and laborers. It’s a bustling area, full of telling street vendors, ambling pedestrians, beeping taxis and buses, and whistle-blowing policemen trying to direct traffic in the narrow crowded one-way streets. While here, I decided to go and visit the most famous and beautiful church in Quito called La Campania. It is adorned with many gold decorations and wooden carvings. Unfortunately I was not able to take photos because it is strictly prohibited to photograph the interior of the church.

Old-Town-Street-Quito-Ecuador.jpg Old Town

iglesia-compania-quito.jpg church La Campania

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Final Day in Quito!

all seasons in one day

August 15th
This morning I woke up very early because I wanted to go to the Telefrico (cable car) and it is best to go early before the clouds start to come in. I had breakfast in the hotel and it was absolutely delicious. From my hotel, I took a taxi tot the Teleferico and it was only a few dollars. The cost of the cable car ride was US$8.50 and well worth it, I would have even paid more. The ride up was fun and slow, with breathtaking views! I made sure to bring a sweater and pants with me because Quito is sunny one moment and rainy the next, the weather changes drastically especially at the high altitude. At the top of volcano Pichincia there are restaurants, cafes, and shops. It was very exciting and coming back down was really fun. I then went to Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) it is located about 20km north of the city. It’s a very vibrant and lively tourist spot featuring historical monuments, shops, restaurants, museums, music, and dance. There is a 30m high monument with a line passing underneath it which marks the equator! Everyone there was taking pictures of themselves standing with one foot in the northern and the other in southern hemisphere; truly amazing. I then went and had myself some pizza at Al Forno Pizzeria, so so yummy! I am beyond tired, I’m going to take a nap right now before I need to head to the bus station to be on my way to the sixth city on this adventure, Lima!

quito-s-teleferico-cable.jpg Telefrico

mitad_del_mundo.jpg Mitad del mundo

al-forno-pizzeria.jpg Al Forno Pizzeria

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Lima, Peru

Quito UIO - Lima LIM $$$: $80 Duration: 25h Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm(next day) Form of transportation: Bus Distance travelled: 1,961 km

sunny 17 °C

August 16th
I arrived at my hotel in Lima, Peru not that long ago. The hotel is called Del Pilar Miraflores and it’s $89 per night. It is very beautiful, clean and the staff is wonderful. The bus ride from Quito to Lima was 25hrs, I read most of the time because these were the only times I could take out my books and not be doing something else. I luckily had no one beside me on the bus, so it was very nice and relaxing. The price of the ticket was $80 just $5 more than the bus ride from Bogota to Quito which is very decent pricing. I’m going to go to bed soon because I’m very tired from the bus ride and I want to be energized for my first official day in this gorgeous city. Tomorrow I have planned to take the Miraflores Walking Tour; I’m so excited to see what it is like.

pe-lgflag.gif flag of Peru

001.jpg Del Pilar Miraflores hotel

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First Day in Lima!

sunny 17 °C

August 17th
Today, I took the Miraflores walking tour. It is an upscale district along the Pacific Coast and the heart of Lima tourism, business and leisure. There are so many shops, gardens, parks, and beaches; it is stunning. Miraflores is Lima’s best-known upscale district where all Peru’s modern celebrities have some sort of history. I also took the Barranco walking tour. Barranco is the bohemian beach community in Lima, it is a lot more laidback and has more of an artistic vibe than Miraflores. Both were equally beautiful. I am currently eating pizza from Villa Pizza, it is delicious! After I’m done eating and washing up, I’m gonna make my way over to Parque de la Reserva that hosts the Circuito Magico del Agua (Magic Water Circuit) which is a water fountain exhibit. The show consists of 13 water fountains that combine music, colored lights, and laser effects. It holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest fountain complex in a public park. There are some interactive fountains and you can stand or walk through these exhibits. I’m looking forward to seeing the Magic Water Circuit cause many people say it is more impressive than the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.

parque-amor-malecon-miraflores-lima-peru-4-300x225.jpg Miraflores


antica-pizzeria.jpg Villa Pizza

tour-circuito-magico-del-agua-fuentes-de-lima-bus-panoramico-lima-peru-3.jpg Circuito Magico del Agua

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Leaving for Amsterdam!

Lima LIM– Amsterdam AMS $$$: $937 Duration: 17h 15m, 1 stop @Madrid MAD (2h50m) Time: 10:00am PT – 10:15am CE Airline: AirEuropa Distance travelled: 10,520.3 km

August 18th
It is the morning of my flight to Amsterdam, I’m going to be going to my last continent now and I can’t believe how fast these days have been going by, it feels like I left Toronto 3 days ago! My flight leaves at 10am this morning and its about 18 hours which is not that bad considering I’ve had two bus rides at least 24 hours long. I can’t wait ‘til I arrive in Amsterdam!

airport_lima.jpg Lima airport

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