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Just arrived in Amsterdam!

sunny 21 °C

August 19th
I have just arrived at Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark which is the hotel I will be staying at while I am here for $93 a night. I’m going to get washed up, go to a local grocery store, get some food so I can have myself a picnic at Vondelpark. I’m also planning on going to the Anne Frank House which is a museum with a story, the admission is about $11.50. It is the place where Anne Frank wrote her diary during the Second World War. It’s going to be crazy being in her actually home, seeing where/how they lived and how they hid. It’s going to be unreal.

nl.gif Flag of Netherlands

Amsterdam_Schiphol_Airport_entrance.jpg Amsterdam airport

stayokay-amsterdam-vondelpark.jpg Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark hotel

aphoto75046.jpg Vondelpark

anne frank house.jpg Anne Frank House

anne-frank-house.jpg where Anne Frank and her family remained in hiding until they were discovered

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London, England

Amsterdam AMS – London $$$: $181 Duration: 5h 39m, 1 interchange Time: 8:18am – 12:57pm Form of transportation: Train Distance travelled: 357.4 km

sunny 23 °C

August 22nd
This morning I left Amsterdam at around 8am this morning and took a train to London, I arrived in here at about 1pm. The hotel I’m staying at is the Premier Inn London County Hall for $126 a night. I ate lunch at Pizzeria Pappagone and it was very yummy! I later took a cab for about $20 to the Tower of London, the fee was $30. The Crown jewels were breathtaking; I was at the ‘tower’ for more than 2 hours! There were tales of historical drama, infamous Beefeaters, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Armouries. I later went to the Houses of Parliament and wow, it is beautiful. If you're in London these are a must see!

1200px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png UK flag

LONCOU.ImageRef.childrenbodyxmlimagelistsys.49903.FullImageRef.jpg Premier Inn

pizzeria-pappagone.jpg?file=media/content/_master/47494/images/pizzeria-pappagone.jpg&width=450 Pizzeria Pappagone

Tower_of_London_White_Tower.jpg Tower of London

c654d3adbf0267f66b4b9ccc03c335c1.jpg Crown Jewels

Palace_of_Westminster,_London_-_Feb_2007.jpg Houses of Parliament

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Day 2 - London

sunny 23 °C

August 21st
It is my second day in London and I am going to the ZSL London Zoo. It is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and houses more than 760 different species of animals. It is the only zoo in London where you can explore big animals such as gorillas and giraffes! I’m sooooo excited to see them. I can also feed the penguins which is very cool. Tomorrow I will be leaving early in the morning to catch my flight from Dublin which is my last city, time has flown by!

zsl-london-zoo.jpg London Zoo

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Dublin, Ireland!

London LON - Dublin DUB $$$: $37 Duration: 1h 20m Time: 8:05am – 09:25am Airline: Ryanair Distance travelled: 463.95 km

sunny 18 °C

August 22nd
I arrived in Dublin this morning at around 9:30am, it was about an hour and a half flight which I slept the whole way so that I could be ready to explore the beautiful capital of Ireland. I’ll be staying at Cassidy’s Hotel for $109 a night while I’m here. After checking out my room, I took a taxi for $12 to the Natural History Museum. The first floor featured Irish animals such as, giant deer skeletons and a variety of mammals, birds and fish. The upper floors of the building were laid out in the 19th Century in a scientific arrangement showing animals by taxonomic group. It was really cool. I loved to read, so I decided I’d go and visit Trinity College Library. Students were doing the tours and they gave great history and information. I absolutely loved it.

Flag_of_Ireland.svg Flag of Ireland

Dublin_Airport.jpg Dublin airport

Natural_History_Museum_(Ireland)i.jpg Natural History Museum

6383081111_92707eede9_z.jpg the inside

trinity_college_library.jpg Trinity College Library

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Last Day!

sunny 18 °C

August 23rd
Today was my last day in Dublin and the last day of my adventure. I took the Dublin Bus Tour for $20 and it was about an hour to an hour and a half long. I really enjoyed it because the guides were making jokes and gave clear information about the city. I then went to Paulie's Pizza and had some pizza! It wasn't much that I did today, but I did have a lot of fun! My flight back to Toronto is at 4:00pm and it is about a 12 hour flight, I'm really sad that my adventure is over, but I know I had the time of my life and I'm going to be very happy to see everyone back at home.

Dublin-bus-tour2.jpg Bus tours

6001_paulies_pizza.jpg Paulie's Pizza

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